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What we are racing in 2017  rules and regs


Rules and regs for 2017

All classes
No magnets.
Only rubber tyres (no silicone or Ortmanns)
Weight may be added to inside of chassis.
No neo mag motors eg MB Dodo & Avant slot 20103 Magmotor or similar.
No F1 tyres or hubs.
Wheels and tyres must be under arches.
All wheel must have tyres.
Chassis may be lightly trimmed.
White body kits must be fully painted.
Bodies must have interiors fitted, but these may have an appropriate light weight alternative.

Free choice
Braid, eyelets, motor wire, all screws and front tyres.

One race car per evening, if a car breaks it can be changed but no championship points will be awarded.

Open Class
Any GT or LMP car post 1975.
Chassis must match body either as per original manufacturer or by a commercially available 3D printed chassis.
3D printed commercially available motor pods are allowed.
Suspension may be added.
Tyres may be glued to hubs.

Classic Class
Eligible cars :-
NSR Ford GT40, MKIV, P68 & Porsche 917.
Slot it Ferrari 312PB, Alfa 33/3, Ford GT40, McLaren M8, Matra MS670B & Chaparral 2E.
Thunderslot Lola T70.
Sprit Porsche 936.
Fly Porsche 908, 917, Ferrari 512 & Lola T70

Motor max 21.5K @ 12v.
Sidewinder motor configuration only.
Suspension must not be fitted.
Tyre may be glued to hubs.
Fly and Spirit cars may use commercially available 3D printed chassis.

GT3 Class
Eligible cars :-
Black Arrow Ferrari 458 & Aston Martin DBR9.
NSR Corvette C6R, C7R, Aston Martin, Porsche 997, BMW Z4 and Audi R8.
ScaleAuto BMW Z4, Porsche 991, Dodge Viper and Mercedes SLS.
Racer Sideways Lamborghini Huracan.
Ninco Audi R8, Ascari, Ford GT, Lamborghini Gallardo, Mercedes SLS and Porsche 997.
Scalextric Bentley Continental, BMW Z4, Aston Martin Vantage, Audi R8, Porsche 911, McLaren 12C & Corvette C6R.

Motor must be Scale auto SC0026 Endurance.
Cars must run in angle winder configuration.
All manufacturers can use matching 3D chassis.
Scalextric cars can use matching PCR chassis.
Tyres may be glued to hubs.
Suspension may be fitted.

Slot it Group C Class
Eligible Slot it cars :-
Porsche 956, 962, Jaguar XJR6/9/12, Sauber C9, Toyota 88C, Mazda 787B, Lancia LC2/85 & Nissan R89C.
Only standard motor allowed V12/3 & V12/4.
Must be fitted inline.
Standard gear ratio must be used 9/28 (yellow gear).
Suspension may be fitted.
Rear tyres are free choice but must be unglued.

Group 5 & DTM Class
Eligible Group 5 cars :-
Racer BMW M1, 320, Ford Capri, Lancia Beta, Ferrari 512BB, Porsche 935.
Fly Ford Capri, Lancia Beta & BMW M1.
Scale Auto BMW M1 & Porsche 935.
MRRC Toyota Celica.
Matching 3D Chassis are allowed.

Eligible DTM cars :-
Ninco Alfa 155, Calibra, Astra, C Klasse, Audi TT, A4 & CLK DTM.
Slot it Alfa 155.
Carrera Mercedes, BMW & Audi.
SCX Audi, Astra, Mercedes & Vectra.
Matching 3D chassis are allowed.
Matching Scaleauto plastic chassis are allowed.

Must run inline motor configuration.
Suspension may be fitted.
Tyre may be glued to hubs.