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Wye Valley Slot Car Club

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Finalised Rules and Regs

Slot Rally UK Classes 2015

Classic Class. (Pre 1979)
Inline only.
As example :- Team Slot Alpine, MSC Pantera, Avant Alpine,
SCX Fiat 131, Ninco Jaguar XK120. This is not anexhaustive list.
Top SCX, Scalextric & Ninco award.

80's Class
Inline only.
As example :- MSC RS200, 6R4, Porsche 959, Spirit 205,
OSC 205, Avant Manta, Fly Racing Porsche & NincoPorsche. This is not an exhaustive list.
Top SCX, Scalextric & Ninco award.

Inline only.
As example :- 2WD cars :- NSR Clio, Abarth, Ninco Clio.
As example :- 4WD cars :- MSC Subaru, Ninco Mitisbushi &
Avant 207. This is not an exhaustive list.
4WD cars must remain 4WD.
2WD cars must remain 2WD.
No GT cars.
Top SCX, Scalextric & Ninco award.

Modified class
Any motor configuration inline, sidewinder and angle winder.
As example :- NSR Porsche 997, MSC Subaru, Powerslot Nissan I.e. including GT cars. This is not an exhaustive list.

Slot Rally UK Technical regulations 2015

  • Cars must be 1/32 scale representations.
  • Cars must have 2 or more figures.
  • Cars must be decorated with a rally type livery
  • Traction magnets must be removed
  • Bodies must be of hard plastic. Within the modified class resin and lightweight bodies may be used.
  • Chassis may be lightly trimmed.
  • Weight may be added, but must be inside the chassis and body.
  • Guides may be changed for Ninco sprung guide in all classes.
  • Drop arm guides must be fixed (no travel) except in modified class.
  • Motor and bearings may be glued in.
  • Motors may be swapped for motors from the original manufacturers range. Example :- NC1 changed to a NC2. Modified class only has free choice of motor.
  • Neo mag motors are banned from all classes. If motor identifiable as neo-mag or if a car sticks to a vertical piece of Ninco track.
  • Cars fitted with 4WD systems must retain them in working order, exception for modified class.
  • Axles, bearings, gears, hubs and chassis parts may be swapped for parts from the original manufacturers range. Example :- Ninco plastic hubs swapped for Ninco pro race hubs.
  • Braids, motor wire, screws and eyelets are free choice.
  • No F1 hubs or tyres in any class.
  • Tyres are free choice but must be rubber. No Ortmann or silicone tyres.
  • Tyres may be glued to hubs.
  • Tyres may be cleaned between stages with tape only.

Entries will be scrutineered on entry to each event. Any transgression identified by the scrutineer is undisputable. Any trangression must be reictified prior to entry being accepted or an addtional 30 second per stage penalty will be appiled